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Currently there is a lot of chatter on the internet sites, that I usually do research on daily and it is leaving me unsettled at least.

In this post I will discuss some things that may not be covered by conventional news and that doesn’t make blackoutbunker super smart I just do research and read many blogs, news sites, articles from all around the globe. I’m not a fear monger, I just question everything from every angle and I prep for if something every did happen I would and my family would be better off then not doing anything.

The Government wants war with Russia and here is news from this week only 27 seconds of the most terrifying result from this meeting.

So you have the the General with no facts about the attack on Aleppo but Congress wanting to set up a no fly zone and he basically says it will be an act of war.

Putin warning on the 18th that missiles are being set up and pointing towards his country and journalist are not reporting it to their countries. He further says “How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in irreversible direction”
I’m not sure about you but this makes my butthole pucker just a bit.

He is basically saying that the US are and NATO are setting up against him and no one is listening. John Kerry is the ONLY one in charge of bringing this situation to a halt. We have on top of the situation Secretary Clinton claiming that the Russians are the sole hacks of her emails and Trump has a love affair with Putin. I wake up and read these articles and I know the true Agenda but still even if I use the word One World Government, I start to sweat in my tin foil hat. But honestly they way things are going I can’t help to see the “IRREVERSIBLE DIRECTION” Putin is talking about.

I understand things are going crazy over there but without true leadership and Obama just coasting these last 40 days it is worrisome.

Deutsche Bank Collapsing CLICK HERE

Deutsche Bank shares are already down by more than half over the past 12 months, and the financial sharks can smell blood in the water.According to some reports, the bank could cut up to 35,000 jobs by the year 2020. Why is Deutsche Bank considered the “most dangerous bank” on the planet? Expert Harry Dent joins Gary Franchi to deliver the facts.

Italy is the next Greece- European Problem on the brink. How can the US Stock go up and every other market across the world go down. This could be worse then 2008. The Bond Bubble burst is ready to blow. He says that this is “Once and a lifetime phenomenon last time it happened was 1929!


George Soros is a genius and to gain control of the west he has funded and capitalized on what he even called “A Unique Opportunity” He is winning the fight against law enforcement at a level that is unprecedented. You know it is bad when there is a Black Cop that shoots a Black individual that isn’t complying. Use of Force is defined as being justified in an event. No one is talking about the Black on Black crimes and Homicides in Chicago at an all time high. Its about the guns, yet Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation.

This is live footage of a protester being that is killed from another protester.”Hands up don’t shoot but they shot one of their own” I don’t remember MLK protesting like this?

Great video that no one wants to listen to. Many call him a Uncle Tom.

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one. And we as a Country are not bringing truths to the table.

This is the greatest country in the world and I stand by that. The Constitution was a  masterpiece that nothing can touch it. The Declaration of Independence was the greatest single written paper ever.

We used to fight to be a Patriot, fight for what we believed in, fight for our right as American Citizens it wasn’t declared on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube but if we wanted too then that would be our Freedom of Speech and now Censorship is coming towards us with the shift of the Internet on Oct 1st from NTIA will be transfering stewardship of the DNS, Internet – Domain Name System. The power will go to ICANN and the CEO has already been on record not valuing our culture and rights – furthermore. – “As a private organization, ICANN is not bound by the First Amendment, which ICANN’s CEO and President Göran Marby admitted in a recent Senate hearing,” write Sen. Cruz and Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) for The Daily Signal. “The First Amendment applies only to the [American] government. So if the government is out of the picture, the First Amendment is too. And that means that ICANN would be free to regulate internet speech by restricting which websites can gain access to the internet based on their speech.

By ending U.S. oversight, the Obama administration will disempower the American people and empower China, Russia, and Iran, putting those regimes one step closer to their goal,” which Cruz and Duffy argue is “to control the global internet infrastructure.”

Watch this full video and the process was talked about by Matt Drudge about a year ago and just this week Savage was pulled from 400 Stations and that was Monday today is Thursday and we have not heard anything!

This is my take of a couple videos from the net that I threw together for your enjoyment. Please watch and listen, share and copy at this point I don’t care it just needs to get distributed.


Be careful my friends, subscribe and share this information its vital!

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