EDC- Every Day Carry Items List


What the Hell @Cardinal Prepper you just had me get together my BOB Bag and now an EDC!!!!

For the Lady Preppers this can be a simple task and conceal very well in a purse.

I actually have a larger fanny pack, yes fanny pack from old navy that happens to be military green so that makes it more manly RIGHT?? Just some extra items that I leave in my truck as I go to work so its within reach.


When I first started I was only concerned with the BOB, now I can add more things to my little EDC bag over time. The fun thing is over time acquire and consolidate specific items in order to equip your EDC.

You have endless options but I will discuss just three options:

  1. Pocket Kit
  2. Container Kit
  3. Messenger bag, man purse, fanny pack etc. Like I said as long as its camo or Military green your good

What is fun is that these are small and interesting to see how much you can squeeze in a given area.


  1. Small SIG or CCW
  2. Small roll of cash
  3. Compass
  4. Concealable Cuff Key
  5. Cuff Keys and LED light
  6. Wallet Pick Set, they run various prices and all sizes go for the small ones.
  7. Razor
  8. Steel Pen
  9. Extra Watch
  10. Black Phone- I personally don’t have a prepaid phone yet but would be a good idea to grab one and add min and keep it current just in case

As you can see these items can all fit on your person, just every day items to think about that normally you may not of.

  • Cuff keys are something I never thought of first because I carry them but what if I was taken hostage it would be good to have an extra one and have it concealed either with a bandage, my underware etc.
  • Pick set for doors its not only important to own it as it is to practice the use of them

Container Set:

  1. Clamshell?
  2. Handkerchief wrapped with paracord
  3. Recci Key blanks
  4. GPS
  5. Headlamp
  6. Loose Change
  7. The container can be a sunglasses case

The fun like I said is how much can you fit in such a small area for your livelihood

Messenger Bag: 

  1. Lighter
  2. Extra Watch
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Cash
  5. Umbrella
  6. Map
  7. Cigarettes
  8. Change of cloths
  9. All of the above items as well
  10. Small first aid kit

This is just a small extension of your Bug out Bag, possibly you leave that at home when you go to work, maybe you don’t have enough time to grab both either way it cost almost nothing to put this together so why not?

Have fun with this folks and instead of the Bug Out Bag mentality of the world is ending, think more along the lives as you have minutes to escape and relocate possibly been kidnapped or taken hostage. You won’t be able to grab BOB then!

Take care

Cardinal Prepper

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