Less than 7 days and we have a new found world? It has only been like this a time our two in our past. Let this sink in for a second.

A vote for Kennedy was a Vote to avoid Nuclear Crisis

A vote for LBJ, was a vote for the Vietnam War

A vote for Reagan sent the Berlin wall crashing down

A vote for Bush was an act to invade Iraq (not once but twice)

Your vote will lay out our destiny for years to come. Its not fear mongering its fact. If you are for stronger more powerful government that can decide your life from Washington Dc. Vote for Hillary. If your idea for equal women’s rights even tho her own Clinton Foundation pays female’s less, then vote for Hillary. If your idea for equal race qualities across the board, then vote for Hillary (her and her husband had a crime bill that devastated the black community and she even called them SUPER PREDATORS, DO IT! If you ideal of corruption and deceit on the highest level is ok with you then DO IT!

Quit being a “Sheep for Slaughter” Wake the F**K Up folks, quit walking in the direction as everybody else, hoping, praying and wishing for things to change. The control of Change is NOW.

Putin will not strike he has said over and over yet we and the Globalist powers move more troops to his back door .





If you would take time and read the BBC, European News, all Nations other than our own Political Driven Agenda Main Stream Media, your views would change if you researched for more than 2 weeks. You won’t! You are lazy and only want to make excuses. That is the single most detrimental aspect of the First Amendment. It allows you to be an asshole and numb to life itself. You follow through life and make excuses for it but will not change your self or your circumstances. What will you do today? Honestly you will only complain and hate on folks that are making a difference.

I have no time to post a video, read the blog and share it. After a couple thousand readers I guess I’m building a backbone and glad that it has came to this point.

IT IS ALL FAKE AND BULLSHIT, posted and driven by MSM- You have the most crimal family that isn’t even ALLOWED to run for Presidency running and still close. Take a look.

By Federal law, this means Hillary Clinton is ineligible to run for President, according to 18 U.S.C. § 2071(b), which states:

“Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

 Above all, under Federal law, Hillary Clinton must be disqualified from running for President of the United States and should be fined and/or imprisoned for willfully breaking the law. BUT IS SHE???
Let’s think about this in our small minds as I am included in what we call “the Middle Class” If you are applying for a Job that is of leadership quality, given a Full blown FBI investigation “JUST PENDING OVER YOUR HEAD” would that not disqualify you? In order to have my law enforcement job there was a psychology test, interviews and polygraphs and drug test. For our highest honor there is none of this. WHY?
You see these emails, and this bullSh#t with the elections have nothing to do with the plans that are being laid out from the powers that be. We are Moving towards WORLD WAR III, and there is nothing we can do about it.
You see we have had more information at our eyes than Watergate, and its only closed the gap from Hillary to Trump. Thats it. This, the Election if not a landslide will be stolen. Just like she did with Bernie.
Prepper Jae

Julian Assange Trolls The World- Makes Deal with Hillary


It’s 4:30 AM, I set my alarm to wake back up to watch this historical moment and I am setting on edge before Wikileaks announces what will be the October Surprise. I wonder is the globalist got to Assange and this announcement will be light and not as big. I’m writing in live time and the first thirty min is about 10 years of and millions of documents that have been released. Assange after exposing emails about Hillary asking if they can just drone him (basically kill him) he changed the venue to a digital broadcast and is at another location. This starts in what a appears to be a small venue in a coffee house. I’m streaming from youtube- Right Side Broadcasting and Infowars.com

Its now 4;52 Eastern time and no Assange yet more information about now the threats from United States and Countries. His criminal lawyer has taken the mic and speaking about his investigations under the Espionage Act and Cyber Terrorism.

I will post the information after the fact and cover it because today could be a day that something else takes the news instead of this. The talking points from the Big 6 do not want this leak to run on the cycle this week with only 35 days left until election. The questions I ask at this moment now at 5:03 Am, What will he release? What will the news fabricate in today’s news cycle? NOW technical difficulties

Julian is about to speak? They just reset the computer. He comes out wearing a shirt that says truth, should say “I made a deal” via greenscreen and a total train wreck.

WHAT A JOKE! Julian trolls the world


Wikileaks have done a bunch of great work in the past, yet tonight was a joke. He implied he had documentation that would lead to her indictment. I understand that he is against huge pressure and comes out to say “Before the end of the year” We don’t have enough time before the election, he made a deal also “If we have an announcement we don’t do it at 3am”

Then he goes to plug his 3 books that will be coming out soon. So as I get up on my day off and wait in excitement I watch a massive advertisement to sell his books. The Big 6 I talked about will have a huge day and will capitalize on how nothing was coming out. So the questions I had were answered and I know what the headlines will lead with today.

Clinton wins again, I get he is threatened but this was a huge failure tonight. He trolled the world tonight. He sold out to Hillary and said by the end of the year after she gets elected. So now with 35 days left today it will be the workings on how they will steal the election, the proof is out there. He claimed damming information to hurt Hillary and didn’t disclose anything.

Be prepared folks, Prepper Jae