BOB- Bug Out Bag Items- Low end

So what is a Bug out Bag and why do I need it?

A bug out bag is when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) and you need to leave within short notice aka BUG OUT. The bag contains items that is crucial for your survival for 24 to 72 hours. Common sense says the more time you plan to be out the more items and heavier the bag can be. Maybe you have heard of Bug Out Vehicle, courtesy from


Now, why would anyone need this, first that comes to mind is Natural Disasters. Hurricanes, Earthquake, Tornado, Flash Floods. Anything causing you to leave your current location to a safer destination. Some folks that I talk about this topic usually is the same conclusion (I need new friends) they think I am paranoid but then I ask “If there is an emergency how prepared are you if power went out for 10 days?” The answer is the same “THEY DON’T KNOW”  They have no idea but the bigger question is do you?

When it comes to prepping there are many options and it is fun thinking of worst case scenarios and a type of satisfaction of being prepared. This article is just a bag to start buying supplies and filling up. You can at least do it on the cheap end and then start going wild with it. I have a buddy that is a law enforcement officer also and veteran and his bug out bag is in the upwards of 700 dollars. Mine is getting there but for now we are going cheap.

First Aid Kit- $25.99

first aid

This is a Wal-Mart kit that can purchased at any location usually around the camping section or if you prefer online CLICK HERE

Light, and Fire Starter- this can include lighters matches, flashlights. I have all, even the flint to spark a fire. I have even went as far as collected the lint from the dryer that is excellent free kindle, 9 volt batteries and steel wool. (for instructions: place the 9v batter on the steel wool and add the lint. Boom fire.

Folding shovel, multi-tool, knife – Wal-Mart $23.99


Small Am/Fm crank radio these can be purchase at Wal-Mart that is the size of a dollar. Wal-mart- $18.15


Tying, snaring and binding items

Water, and a life straw- best one would be purchase here

Food should be light weight and full of nutrients. MRE – MEAL READY TO EAT- is a self contained individual field ration, most military carry MRE in their bags. Just in case- so should you.

Some camping personal hygiene items if you have room possibly insect repellent

Small light weight- cooking and eating utensils

Sewing kit

Lightweight work gloves, extra socks, 8’x10′ tarp and head net

These are just the basics but still a great start to your first bug out bag. Im not including your firearm and ammo. Should be light weight and able to take a pounding.

Yes i went the Wal-Mart route on the pictures above but it is a start and a chance for your survival. Email me with questions. This is part one of low end once you are established we can start to go really in depth and get better items.

This is for a cheap Bug Out Bag and an attempt to get you started.



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